Enter the EOS Horizon

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The Earth Organisation for Sustainability stands ready – having passed through many hardships, but also encountered new possibilities – to make a wide impact in year 2013.

Our forum and website will face major changes. Hopefully, we will soon see the blossoming of regional websites and communities, Scandinavian, British, German…

The most meaningful project for us however, is the Umeå Biodome Project, which is one of the most interesting environmental projects in Scandinavia right now, regarding post-peak food security, farming in sub-arctic or other adverse conditions, as well as making artificial eco-systems available to the general public. It will also mark the beginning of our first bio-community in Northern Sweden and the terraformation of the planet.

This blog exists to tell the story about our progress, our setbacks, the struggle of EOS and its scientists, activists and dreamers world-wide to save the future, as well as about the local situation in Umeå, Sweden. It also exists to tell, in easy terms, about the ideology of EOS, the reterraformation of the Earth, the end of the overexploitation of the planet and the establihment of the first true human world-wide project, the Terran Technate Consortium.

For six years, this chronicler has been active in this movement, not because he hopes to gain any benefits or wanted an identity, but because he believes that a transformation of the way humanity is handling the resources it has inherited from the last 65 million years is necessary in order to ensure a worthy existence of future generations on this planet. There is no realistic route forward which doesn’t involve us holistically caring for the systems which have granted us the opportunity to live.

Our species are gifted with so many wonderful capabilities to spread life throughout the Universe and to build a civilisation that can survive for billions of years. Yet, we have foolishly decided to pursue a course which would lead to the current civilisation driving right into the rock, and that only during this current century. We have to ask ourselves, if the purpose of 1,5 billion years of evolution on Earth is to provide a few mega-corporations and a small percentage of Earth’s current population with vastly increasing quantities of a medium of exchange, theoretically in the shape of green bills?

The world is not a video-game, and there is no reload if there is game over.We have a mission, to save the world.


With kind regards

Enrique Lescure, Sequence Director of Relations, the Earth Organisation for Sustainability

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